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Will there be a zombie apocalypse?

  1. There already is!

  2. Yes it could probably happen

  3. Yes it is inevitable and you should prepare for it

  4. Yes when there is no more room left in hell!

  5. I don't think so but who knows?

  6. No that's just crazy to think

  7. Who cares?

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  1. Surviveordiemike

    Surviveordiemike New Member

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    Hi guys, thought I'd hang out in here for a bit with you lot here while I get settled in and venture out into other areas and stuff if you get me if that's okay!! :D

    So yeah, I'm Mike, mid 30's guy from Engerland. But as I said in my intro dw I wont talk about Brexit!

    So.. Great forum guys! Great to be a part of this community as we are all survivors and need to be!

    Just to get through life! But also, it can't hurt to help to know what to do in an Apocalyptic Zombie Outbreak!

    Although... Some people say, the zombie apocalypse is already here. I mean...


    Are you prepared for a zombie apocalypse?

    Do you think it will happen one day?

    What percentage of your being out of 100% wants one? (Be honest). :D

    Anyway, cheers and see you around! :D

    Feel free to hang out in my thread. Share any survival tips you have in case of the above!


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  2. Keith H.

    Keith H. Moderator Staff Member

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    Cannibals quite possibly, I think that is more likely than zombies!
    Certainly I would like to see changes to our government process, at present our government is corrupt to the core, & the whole system is open to this corruption continuing. I would prefer to see our government sacked & a fairer non corrupt system replace what we have to having the SHTF in a major way. However, I don't see the gutless, mindless, bury their heads in the sand majority ever doing anything, so the next best bet would be TEOTWAWKI. Someone once said that if enough people wanted the world to go to hell in a hand cart, that it would eventually happen.

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