Moringa seeds - natural water purifier

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    I just heard this on the radio one morning last week. The speaker was Dr. Tan, the former deputy director of our country's Department of Health. He said that in survival times when clean drinking water is scarce, you can use the moringa seeds to purify muddy water. Just place the water in a container and drop some moringa seeds. Dr. Tan said that the seeds would absorb the dirt thereby purifying the water. Even the color would be crystal clear when moringa seeds had done its job.

    I guess the better procedure is to let water rest in the container for some time so at least the dirt had already settled at the bottom. Place the upper part of water in another container before adding the moringa seeds. That would assure you of clean drinking water.

    PS. The moringa grows in tropical countries only. The leaves are considered nutritious vegetables and so is the fruit and seeds as well.
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    In tropical parts of the world, turbid river water is used for drinking purposes. The filth is conventionally removed by treating the water with expensive chemicals, many of which are imported. Crushed Moringa seeds clarify and purify water to suit domestic use and lower the bacterial concentration in the water making it safe enough for drinking.

    Moringa's seed powder can be used as a quick and reliable method for cleaning dirty river water. Since the moringa powder merges with the solids in the water and sinks to the bottom. This treatment also removes around 90% of bacteria contained in water. Water from varying sources will need different amounts of Moringa seeds powder because of the impurities present will not be the same.
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    Now this is another news for me! I did not know moringa seeds can do this especially when I just see them hanging looking like it is of no use. Is the water treated by the moringa seeds safe for human consumption? I am little bit hesitant of it because a seed is able to purify a water?
  4. Harrysung

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    Moringa seeds are very expensive in my country. It is used mainly for its numerous medicinal purposes, glad to learn about another use of moringa seeds.
  5. Koala

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    The problem for me is that moringa seeds are literally impossible to get here unless I'd order online but the post fees are absolutely ridiculous.

    The only kind of moringa we have is the nutritional supplement one in form of capsules.

    Thank you for the share though, maybe in the future, the sales will come to my country as well.
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    I'm hesitant to drink it directly but it feels good to know a good information like that. If ever that happened I would do that but I want to boiled it after so that I know that the microbes are dead.
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