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    It pays to think carefully about what your main aims are in survival before purchasing equipment. Sustainable is the main thing, no point in carrying extra weight & taking up room with equipment that is of little use & is not sustainable.
    Some tools can also double as weapons, but few weapons will double as tools. A machete is good for cutting bamboo in tropical areas, & it can be used as a weapon, but it is not as versatile as a belt axe or a tomahawk. An axe can chop, cut, be thrown, used in defence, used in butchering game, used for scraping animal hides & hammering in wooden stakes & pegs.
    Knives generally have a specific purpose, but a hunting knife with a long blade can also be used for defence, eating meat, skinning & butchering. I also have camp chores to perform & traps to make, so for this I carry a clasp knife. I also carry a legging knife, this knife is a back-up for my hunting knife but has a much shorter blade.
    My flintlock muzzle-loading guns are for hunting & defence, but if required they can also be used for making fire without using any gunpowder. If a spring should break (I do carry spares) in the lock, I can easily convert the gun to work as a matchlock & continue using it.
    My cooking kettle is also used for carrying water & catching rain water as well as boiling water to make it safe to drink.
    My oilcloth is very versatile & can be set up as a shelter in various ways as well as being used as wet weather wear, a windbreak, shade & used for rain water collection.
    These are just a few of the primitive items that I carry, but it should give you some idea of how to choose the best equipment for bugging out & wilderness living.
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    Its true a tool you use in survival must do many jobs as you can not carry everything if forced to move quickly basic tools to carry are for me 1 a ww2 entrenching tool it a shovel a hoe a pick and a awesome wepon if needed 2 a machete with blade and saw blade both clear cut chop and again a great weapon 3 a hachet with good blade and a hammer head many uses and a good weapon 14 a full tang knife in a size thatfits your hand well with a blade 6inches or more long many uses and good weapon with these basictools to cArry you have a good easy to carry kit
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    Some knives are specifically made to be multi use tools. Tom Brown's Tracker knife is a good example of this sort of thing. A Kukri can be ground so that different parts of the blade can be used for different purposes. It will chop firewood, split it for kindling, peel potatoes, skin animals and makes a really good draw knife. You can also use it to dig latrines to some extent.

    Which bring me to another multi use tool. High quality trenching tools can dig, chop and in some cases is an excellent battle ax. Mine will also slice and dice. One side is razor sharp while the other side is a more coarse chopping edge.

    I have a lot of odd tools that do several things. I have an adjustable wrench that is also a hammer and can be converted into a pipe wrench. I have a FUBAR that is a pry bar, nail bar and hatchet/ax for demo use. For urban survival you need a breaching tool. It also would make a deadly weapon. Look up Fencing pliers and see that it is a multi tool that has the ability to do every thing you might want to do if building barbed wire fences.

    Most different trades will have tools that cover several purposes that the layman never sees. I know that I have electrician tools that do a half dozen different jobs. Then there are tools that just by their nature are do it all treasures. Vice grip pliers are one of the must have tools in every survivalist's tool pack. Claw hammers are another that can be used and misused in a lot of ways. I made a hawk out of a carpenter's hammer that will chop wood hammer and pull nails but doesn't weigh a lot and has a shorter handle than most hawks making it easier to carry.

    I like and make a lot of tools. Being a machinist makes that pretty easy. Tools are like so many other things these days. Turn off the power and most people are totally shut down. The old hands saws are rusting and nobody knows how to care for and sharpen them anymore. They were drilling holes long before you had power drills. I don't know if there are even carpenters now that could build a house without power tools. Swinging a hammer is hard work and takes a lot of specialized musculature. The saw is true of the same thing. THAT is why nobody does it the old way anymore. The old tools, just like the skills to use them, are disappearing fast.
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