Must Haves for Outdoor Survivalists

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    If you are an outdoor survivalist there are must-haves you should put in your collection if you tend to end up in survival situations on a regular basis. A flint and steel is a small useful tool for starting fires quickly, and can also be stored easily. Waterproof matches are a little easier to use but more likely to get ruined. A pocket knife or locked knife can come in handy to fashion smaller tools or help you defend yourself. Pots and pans or water purification tablets come in handy to disinfect and purify water that is harmful to you to drink. You can even get a purification straw if you do not want to carry around any tablets or clunky pots and pans. A thermal blanket is also very useful for making quick shelters or for just bundling up for a rough night.

    They can also help deflect the heat back toward your body to help you stay warm. Waterproofing spray for your outdoor gear is a must have so your not lugging around your wet clothes. A collapsible bullet stove is a very useful tool for directing heat for cooking. A trenching shovel could be useful for digging out spots for shelters and places to store materials. A bug blanket might seem silly, but nothing is worse than trying to sleep with a bunch of creepy crawlies crawl all over you and biting you. Another useful item is some spare cord wrapped around a knife as rope is always useful for making traps and attaching materials to items.
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