Must You Scarify Seeds?

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    Scarification speeds up the germination of some seeds. However most seeds won't need to be scarified in order for them to germinate fast.

    An easy way to find out if seeds need scarification is by soaking them in water. A few seeds would do. Should it swell up, it doesn't need to be scarified. If it doesn't then that seed has an impermeable seed coat and should plant it then you'll wait a really long time before it germinates.

    What to do if you find out some seeds have seed coats that are impervious to water?

    Rub the seeds with sandpaper. This will scratch away the hard seed coat and the seeds can afterwards imbibe water and germinate.

    Good thing though is most crop seeds you might have to plant won't need scarification but you could speed up their germination by soaking them in water for a day or two.
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    "Scarifitacion" is a fancy way of describing the method of nicking, sanding, or clipping off part of the seed's shell so water can get to the inside part to activate germination. It Seems that seeds sprout overnight with this method. But is something that should be handled with care, if a seed is not allowed to germinate within some certain length of time, the embryo inside will die. Each species of seed has a certain length of viability. Some maple species have seeds that need to sprout within two weeks of being dispersed, or they die.
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