Mutual Funds Vs. Stocks Vs. Banking Vs. Gold: Wealth Preservation

Discussion in 'Financial Planning' started by SuperBugMan, Jul 18, 2017.

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  1. SuperBugMan

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    One of the things that worries me most when saving money is the idea that I could loose it all during a financial crisis.

    I want to be able to grow my funds as they mature, which is what is drawing me towards Vanguard Mutual Funds or Stocks. However I worry this puts me in a very risky position even with stable mutual funds. Hell, I worry about the fiat dollar collapsing in value.

    How are you guys preserving your wealth? I don't have much money, just a few thousand. I'm young though and I want to be comfortable in the future.
  2. remnant

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    You can't go wrong with mutual funds. They spread their risks by investing in several assets and the average invariably results in an increment in your portfolio in different degrees. Its predictability is what makes me trust the mutual fund account. Of course with predictability comes a lower growth me your investments. I would advice you to invest in all areas if your funds allow including stocks to assure the maximum security.
  3. streettallest

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    I think the best people to approach are those in the financial sector.Although not all of them can give you relliable information on this issue. Apart from seeking advice from financial expert, look for a mentor who is living the kind of life you envisage for yourself in the future.thats how to avoid re inventing the wheel.
  4. overcast

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    I think learning about mutual funds definitely helps. I have invested into one debt fund and one index fund. I don't have much risk appetite otherwise I'd have invested into equity oriented scheme. I try not to invest into gold and the bank funds. I don't see value in them. I do have some stocks. So that's in my view is a good investment too.
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