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    Anyone get the t-v show "My 600 pound life"?
    I watch it out of macabre curiosity. These people, 80 % females, eat themselves into morbid
    obesity. Not fat but MORBID which is an excess of body fat, or weight of 100 pounds over ideal body weight, that increases the risk of developing cardiac and endocrine disturbances, including coronary artery disease and diabetes mellitus, as well as some kinds of cancer.
    They do it to themselves then cry for gastric bypass surgery.
    You know they must certainly be welfare cases as they can't possibly work and family members
    can't possibly afford to feed them.
    Many of the women have more than one child which means some son-0f-a-$itch had to .............
    well you know.
    Must be one hung guy or one sick butt wipe or both. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    In a real survival situation these huge folks would be in real deep doo-doo.
    Many can barely waddle to the potty and that's about the extent of physical movement.
    Well they do manage to shovel food into their gaping maw some how.
    I watched one woman on t-v eat two whole apple pies BEFORE dinner. ewwwwwwwwww
    They get free gastric bypass which limits the amount of food the stomach can hold.
    The stomach is permanently reduced in size by 2/3.
    The t-v show ends explaining that almost ALL will gain the weight back within one year
    bypass surgery or not.
    In a shtf they are sh$t out of luck I think.
    Morbid obesity isn't a physical ailment it's a mental illness. A genuine food addiction.
    With out gastric bypass, strict diet, AND mental counseling they have zero chance of
    recovery from food addiction.
    In a shtf they won't survive long.
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