My Blades.

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  1. Keith H.

    Keith H. Moderator Staff Member

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    Tomahawk/Trade Axe, Hunting knife, friction blade clasp knife, & legging knife.


    My Hunting Sword.
    My practice sword.

    Show us the blades you carry in the woods.
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  2. Don Liddick

    Don Liddick New Member

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    my Mossy Oak War Horse Knife with Fire striker and sharpener Got It From Wal Mart

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  3. Karl Westphal

    Karl Westphal Well-Known Member

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    From the rough and ready to the commercial. Here's one sort of in the middle.
    I needed a machete (or panga as we call them in Africa) to cut down a young palm. The problem was that they are hard to come by in Australia, since (in the absence of guns) they are used in robberies here. So I decided to use my spare time and make one.
    The first step was the materials. I had an angle grinder and not much I went to the local truck repair yard and sourced an old set of leaf springs for the price of a case of Corona.
    Playing around with design, I figured I might as well make something beautiful and utilitarian.
    After annealing and straightening the leaf spring, I cut the shape, gave it it's basic edge and then tempered it in preparation for putting on the final edge and polishing. The handle was made from a piece of blond Jarrah, blending a hard wearing handle with pleasing looks.
    My design turned out to be a cross between a Khukri and a I call it a Kowrie.
    Playing around with it once it was finished, I found that the downward curve of the blade made a thrusting blow difficult without an awkward twist to my wrist. Finally I worked out that a backhand grip allowed for a throat cutting sweep, followed by a backhand thrust to the heart....Thanks Nick for the knife fighting lessons back then :)
  4. jeager

    jeager Master Survivalist

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    Good knives can be bought in stores or online.
    Unless one has developed skills necessary to make knives it's far better to buy good brand name knives.

    Just one many online sources of quality brand name knives by long time producers of knives.
    I'm just getting set up to make my own knives the way I want them to look but I'll buy
    commercial blades and not waste time making a forge to make a knife from a car spring.
    Doable that it is but I just don't have the time to get that deep into it.

    ^^ one of many sources to make knife scales. (handles)
  5. jeager

    jeager Master Survivalist

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    About knife fighting.
    Perhaps for a person dedicated to such endeavors I suppose.
    I have had lessons in using a knife to incapacitate a gobblin but I don't recommend it.
    I have been well trained in knife defense however.
    Tueller drill don'cha'know.
    If a person comes at me with a knife then they brought a knife to a gun fight.
    If a gobblin is 21 feet away armed with a knife and attacks a victim armed with a HOLSTERED
    handgun at BEST it ends in a draw.
    The knife guy gets shot, the gun guy eats a knife.
    Not good.
    Two people fighting with knives should end up with two cut up idiots.
    I've survived knife attacks and didn't get to my gun.
    The knife wielding gobblin was too close so I resorted to hand to hand and came out on top.
    That had a pucker factor of TEN!:eek:
    I don't get into those kinds of situation any longer.:D
    I didn't like getting shot at either.:confused:
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