Natural Antibiotics For Humans.

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      Very good info. I wonder if the cabbage can be cooked and still maintain it's benefits? I will pass on the raw garlic. I may try mixing honey and cinnamon on some toast. Thanks for posting LW.
      TMT Tactical, Sep 12, 2021
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    Begin quote

    There is a simple, natural, and healthy way to sanitize homes and daily lives. Rather than using more and more chemicals that create resistant superbugs, we can turn to the best and the cleanest sanitizer of history.

    English royals were believed to be healthier than the commoners thanks to their use of disease-defying silver utensils, plates, and goblets.

    Silver’s intrinsic antimicrobial and medicinal properties were first documented in ancient Greece by Hippocrates, who recommended to 'sprinkle the flowers of silver alone, in the finest powder' to improve wound care and limit infection in the 5th century BC. The Romans used silver to treat the wounds of soldiers and gladiators.

    Throughout the centuries, silver gained a sterling reputation for its sanitizing powers. The Phoenicians stored their water, wine, and vinegar in silver bottles to prevent the ill-effects of spoiling. Grecians, Romans, and Macedonians were reputed to use silver to keep the immune system strong thanks to its antiseptic properties.

    Sailors used to throw silver coins into their milk to keep it from souring on long journeys. And it worked. Silver has so-called, oligodynamic properties. The metal ions incapacitate living cells and micro-organisms including mold, fungi, viruses, algae.

    Wealthy families in the Middle Ages, an era rife with unsanitary living conditions and infectious diseases, were known to gift silver spoons—naturally hygienic—to babies to keep bacteria at bay and support their health. In the centuries that followed, English royals were believed to be healthier than the commoners they ruled thanks to their use of disease-defying silver utensils, plates, and goblets.

    Hundreds of years later across the pond, silver coins were dropped into drinking water barrels for protection against water-borne illness. During the Civil War, silver was used to treat syphilis. In the 1890s, colloidal silver—infinitesimal, nano molecular silver particles dissolved and suspended in solution—for many physicians became the treatment of choice for boosting the healing process of their patients.

    In the beginning of the 20th century, surgeons routinely used silver sutures to reduce the risk of infection during operations. They also turned to silver-containing eyedrops to treat ophthalmic problems, various infections, and sometimes they prescribed taking silver internally for diseases such as epilepsy, gonorrhea and even the common cold. Silver was used for surgical instruments as well.

    The use of silver as an antimicrobial agent diminished with the development of modern antibiotics in the 1940s but in some places its reputation for protecting people from dangerous pathogens lives on. In the 1960s, Johnson Space Center developed a lightweight generator to dispense silver ions into the drinking water aboard Apollo spacecraft to kill bacteria. In 2015, NASA approved the use of a silver-based water purification system aboard the International Space Station.

    For millennia, it was clear that silver protected health. However, it was a mystery how silver worked medicinally. Modern science explains that positively charged ions (Ag+) are responsible for the antimicrobial effects of silver.

    Many studies reveal how silver ions target microorganisms through several different modes of action. Because they work through multiple mechanisms, resistance against silver ions has only rarely been reported. That is a major advantage of silver in comparison with modern antibiotics whose effectiveness is increasingly challenged by resistant superbugs.

    Because silver has no negative impact on human health, people have been doing wider experiments with silver sanitization. In the 1950s, silver began to be used as a bactericide for water purifying systems. Research has shown that a silver concentration of ten parts per billion makes contaminated water safe for drinking. Domestic water-purifying systems have been developed that utilize an ion-exchange system, along with a silver tube which acts as a bactericide.

    End quote

    There are even more uses. Please read the article to find these uses.

    Videos of antibiotic effect of silver:

    Colloidal silver solution increases the effectiveness of some antibiotics 10x to 1000x.

    Here in the States Red clips are the positive and Black is the color of return/ground. In the following video, this good-ol'-boy gets them bass ackwards.

    This fellow is sort'a-kind'a not a rocket scientist; however, I find this one neat video. This fellow represents the folk where I'm from. Slow in speech? Yep. Able to jerry-rig anything? Yep. This fellow's device uses silver to make colloidal silver. This fellow's heart is made of gold.

    He uses silver wire. You don't have to. You can use an anvil and hammer and flatten-out 90% silver coins as your electrodes. Or, use a combo: silver wires with silver coin electrodes approx 1 inch (2.5 cm) apart. The greater surface area, the greater efficiency.

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