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    When gardening you might want to keep away dangerous bugs, and you might want to use some natural remedy instead of commercial pesticides.
    As far as I know there are at least three plants with this purpose: nettle, which you can mix with water to make a spray. It will keep away bugs from infected plants, or you could use it on the seeds.
    Another one is garlic, used even in ancient times: mix four pieces of garlic with some water and you'll have a good spray.
    Finally, the wormseed: it's effective against eggs and white flies, as well as against beetles.
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    There are many plants that can make a natural insecticide. A common denominator is their bitterness. One such plant is Mexican marigold which is a weed as well as pepper. A mix of a variety of such plants has a potent deterrent effect against bugs. You also need a carrier to make the pesticide adhere to plants and liquid bar soap can be incorporated for this purpose. But I think you need to pray more frequently with there natural pesticides in spite of their environmental friendliness.
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