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    Here's a great video on how to use the buffaloberry (Shepherdia canadensis) as soap in the wild. Of course I have never done this before because I have never seen this berry bush before. But I have to share it as hygiene is an issue.

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    The great thing when you’re making your own soap is that you’ve got total control over what goes into it. If you want fragrance-free, it’s easy. If you want a certain holiday scent, then you can create your own blend of essential oils to give you whatever scent you want. You can use just plain olive oil or use a mix of oils to create certain amounts of lather or take advantage of some oils’ skin-softening properties. You can make them fancy for gifts or do my style and make what I call Ugly Soap – totally rough, unsmoothed soap bars that work wonderfully but wouldn’t gain much popularity at the local farmer’s market. It’s totally up to you and your own preferences.
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