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    Navigation by the stars at night has helped to guide humankind to circumference the globe. The North Star or Northern Star is the brightest star in the sky. This star will let you know all of the directions once you learn to distinguish it. If you grow to become more advanced in astronomy and pay attention to constellations, there are actually many different geographical landmarks in the sky that can be visible from any location on the ground during a clear night. These constellations will let you know directions from every corner of the compass.
    Once you've learned the North Star and how to determine where it is you will then know where south, east, and west are located giving you a formidable advantage when navigating. Nothing's worse than navigating yourself in a circle, and this, believe it or not, happens to many who believe they are superior and have a natural sense of direction. Should you have access to a smartphone star charts can be downloaded that will display the constellations and help you familiarize yourself with where they are located at in the night sky. The sky is not the limit when you reach for the stars, and the stars have helped guide humankind throughout history.
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    It is not easy to navigate by the stars. I have tried that before and I found it difficult to move forward when the skies were cloudy. I never gave up. I sometimes try to find my way while navigating by the stars. GPS apps have made us avoid natural navigation techniques. I do think that one day I have to navigate for a longer distance, guided by the stars.
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