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    Good morning all,

    Above link has sentence that got my distilled attention and believe it best to post here.

    Note article's "Even if you have been vaccinated for hep A, you can still contact the virus".

    Concurrent with article's focus to Sterling, Virginia, there's an outbreak of hep A in Philadelphia and Atlanta.

    Sterling, Virginia is next to Dulles Airport, Loudoun County, Northern Virginia Autonomous Oblast. Many "plantation" type house there.

    I will be checking on the immunization programs and effectiveness after exposure to whatever was protected against. I have remnants of Kala Azar, Yellow Fever, Malaria and Hep A !


    Fortunately for me, I'll probably be going out from cardiac arrest after looking at a dollar bill with signature of Omama's Secretary of the Treasury on it. His name is a curse word.
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  2. Pragmatist

    Pragmatist Master Survivalist

    Blog Posts:
    Good morning all,

    I just wrote to CDC Atlanta (Sidebar: CDC also has a LARGE facility in D.C. for their lobbying programs) asking for info on the Sterling, Virginia Hep A infection article.

    When I get reply, will scribble something here.

    Meanwhile: ....... Recommend you have your GOOD evac kit containing your basic medical records. Records are slowly converting to electronic / cyber forms but in the interim I recommend the 3" X 6" yellow CDC 731 pamphlet. It's main purpose is to record official vaccinations such as Yellow Fever. The pamphlet also has designated area in it for optical info, etc. I staple the business cards of my health care providers in it. Then in a ZipLoc plastic pouch.

    The other important reason I push the use of the CDC 731 is if you're unconscious, a (well, a few only ) responder will recognize the 731 document and can see if you recently had eg a flu shot - presuming you keep medical records in your GOOD kit as a matter of both routine and importance.

    Foot Note: Had already mentioned here at forum, I converted my personal MedicAlert bracelet into what constitutes a teenage girl's charm bracelet. The conversion improves my health. The "charms" are premier quotes attached to bracelet by zipper pulls and related.
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