New Gel Batteries!

Discussion in 'Going Off The Grid' started by Keith H., May 13, 2017.

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    After over 10 years, one of our 6 volt batteries developed a dead cell. Strangely enough the other two cells in the battery seemed to have compensated for the loss. All three cells were reading 1230 SG, but after the one cell died, the other two rose to 1250 SG! I have never known a battery to do that before. Anyway, we thought it best to move the best batteries up to the solar system on the cottage, & put in a new battery bank for the solar on the main house. The new batteries are gel, the old ones are lead acid. These new batteries have 34% more power than the old ones.
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    The new batteries are gel, the old ones are lead acid.

    You will find your new batteries are still Lead/Acid!
    Gel refers to how the acid/electrolyte is held
    There are three main types of Lead-acid batteries
    Flooded, Gel and AGM as in glass matt !
    If they can be topped up with distilled water they are usually the flooded type!

    Decent 24v storage you got there!
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