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    Thoughts for The Week By Ron Owen.

    Fraser Anning wrote my article this week, in his Ground Moving Historic Speech on 14th August. He said
    “I believe that the unfettered ownership of private property and the right to own and use firearms, including for self-defence, are the God-given rights of free people everywhere. And I believe, as the American revolutionaries did, that government is usually the problem not the solution and that, in order for people to be, Free, the power of government needs to be constrained.” Senator Fraser Anning, Speech Tuesday, 14 August 2018 He said a lot more as well, his lacklustre contemporaries were horrified and have spent days hosing down the fire of truth that he unleashed, it caused a massive reaction, it was brilliant. Please read it for yourself and share it about.

    More Information Here: https://australiansurvivalandpreppe...8/thoughts-for-week-news-by-ron-owen-gun.html
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    The second amendment of the US constitution is the one that addresses the right to keep and bear arms. When asked about this Thomas Jefferson explained that this was to assure that if the government wandered from the line of the constitution that the people could, if necessary by revolutionary means, return the rule of government to the people. If you have no guns or weapons what can you do when your government just ignores the will of its people? What if they decide to end elections? What if they just toss out the entire constitution. Face it, if you have no way to resist tyranny you are not really free. You are just currently not being sent to slaughter and no freer than a pig happily wallowing in his pigpen. Freedom is only worth something when it is demanded. Freedom unearned and undefended is just an optical illusion.
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    Totally agree.
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