Night Terrors

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  1. Bishop

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    Any one have them and if you do are you acting out your night Mares the reason I ask is I have them I have always had them and what ever I am dreaming is real to me last night I was being gased was trying to dig in but could not I was covering my face holding my breath then realized hey it's not happening I don't have them every night but enough that it bothers me and no it's not from war I have had this from about age 10 or 11and no my parents did not abuse me or anything like that.
  2. Old Geezer

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    Night terrors are a physical disorder. First thing people think is "It's my mind!" If it is your mind, then know that such can be addressed with something akin to an SSRI (the serotonin retention meds). Oh and depression is a physical disorder. Sometimes the Rx is a small dose of SSRI and I do men small -- no where near what people with chronic depression take.

    I ain't no doctor, but the dream you describe involves the feeling of smothering. Ho ho ho, guess what a big cause of sleep disorders / night terrors is! Sleep apnea. Buddy, I'd put a $100 bill on your breathing patterns being off during your sleep. Get sleep testing done on yourself. Tell your doctor what you wrote above. Your doc will find you a sleep lab. During the night, your breathing is continually stopping. This causes LOTS OF PROBLEMS. Your normal sleep cycle is replaced by up down up down up down up down up down up down up down up down up down up down up down .........

    The cure is positive pressure ventilation. This involves wearing a mask at night. You'll get used to it. AND YOU WILL FEEL WAAAAY BETTER IN THE MORNINGS!!! Can't make this #### up!

    Ain't nothing wrong with your head.
  3. Bishop

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    That was only one of many dreams I have had dreams where there's rattlesnake all over the place and have picked up my wife and carryed her into another room I have woke up out in the woods cover with scratchs I don't think it's sleep apnea
  4. jeager

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    I've been involved in therapy for ptsd and awful childhood issues.
    Many from the horrors of police work.
    Everyone is different but there are universal archetypes.
    I won't get into those things as my degrees aren't in psychology.
    I've read a lot of works by Carl Jung who was an almost mystical therapist.
    5 years in therapy for these issues helped a lot.
    One that opts for therapy isn't insane.
    The insane person thinks everyone else is nuts.
    Three rehabs for alcoholism.
    I no longer drink alcohol in any form
    both my parents and many other relatives died from alcohol abuse.
    Genetics can be a causative factor but need not be.
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  5. Old Geezer

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    It is insane to ignore the problem. The sane seek therapy and resolution.

    Stress causes the adrenal glands to work overtime creating adrenaline and cortisone -- the "fight or flight" hormones. While these are a great aid during a fight, should these hormones be consistently secreted, they will eat you alive. They deplete your brain transmitter chemicals causing depression. Cortisone destroys your body's calcium and long term exposure to excess cortisone can induce psychosis -- a well-known side effect of treating inflammatory disorders with such. One can't just go off of prednisone (a corticosteroid) for instance -- one must taper off of it. These are SERIOUSLY POWERFUL agents inside the human body.
  6. lonewolf

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    night holds no terrors for me, I sleep like a baby, always have.
    I don't have any stress in my life, I think that is the key, you see so many people wound up about jobs, family, relationships, on the "hamster wheel" that is modern life.
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  7. Arkane

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    A long time ago you lost control of your dreams, my son had the beginning of these!
    Mostly monsters were out to get him in some shape or form!

    One evening I sat him down and got him to watch a MAD MINUTE!
    Then I told him that he had the power to use imaginery machineguns on his imaginery monsters
    That very night as the nightmares started to take hold I heard him shooting his imaginery monsters with imaginery machineguns!
    Within half an hour he rolled over and went to sleep!
    I watched him for the next year most every night, a few imaginery machineguns here and there but not a single nightmare!
    I had given him control of his dreams!

    You sir need to wrest control of your dreams back! Your nightmares and sleepwalking show you have no control!
    Man up and take control it is your right and you are entitled to peaceful sleep!

    You do not need pills of any sort or sleep studies you need the belief that you are in control and to take control!
    Simple problem simple soloution!
  8. remnant

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    Recently, I heard gunshots at 1:am or thereof and I have to say that this is befal hour as far as night terrors are concerned. Not only is it pitch dark often times but its eerily silent and ominous. Its also the hour when crime is rampant and the outside is not safe. I don't suffer from might time terror because I usually try ty be cycle at midnight for prayers.
  9. OursIsTheFury

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    Sleep paralysis may be the worst thing you can ever experience. It turns non-believers into being afraid of ghosts, and it turns believers into being even more dedicated. Sleep paralysis can sometimes happen because of fatigue, so you better be careful. Nobody ever died of sleep paralysis though or even night terrors, but it's still a very unpleasant experience that you should try to avoid - or at least end quickly - during the night. It helped if you focused on your feet apparently, according to online sources. Focusing on your feet would trigger the brain to wake up and bring back motor function, which would end the dream quickly. Personally, I don't think that will help, as you will be too busy trying to move to do anything rational at that point.
  10. Bishop

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    When I was in the Marines I did not keep room mates long before they asked to be moved out some times it was night terrors some times it was I did not want a room mate so I made them think I was having a night terror dream when I have them it is normal when I have worked a lot if over time with out enough rest and I remember everything I have done weather it's kick in doors dive into walls fight giant rats or octapus it's real at the time and then reailty sets in and I am doing a lot of apologizing I once snapped a post off of a poster bed fighting a ape
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