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    Good morning all,

    One of the best research sources I use for my overall and specific preparedness is the NOAA Library.

    I am hoping the above link is the example needed to show the value of this NOAA Library site.

    My overall prep encompasses shelter in place aspects, the potential evacuation and the recovery. My specific needs involve current weather and immediate trends. For emergencies, my most use of the web involves National Weather Services (NWS) of NOAA.

    Knowing about flooding and flash flood warnings is more important to me than knowing about what protozoa are in the waters. This is a Donald Rumsfeld "known known" - whether dealing in common denominators or not.

    This morning was planning to do some more reading on the after action reports about the Paradise, California fires and the evacuations and surfing around first yielded above - hopefully - about the BP blowout oil spill. I find interesting matters like the command structure addressing the disaster. After the Deepwater Horizon disaster in 2010, BP had an exile requirement: no Gulf Oil bids for a time period. The public was pleased but not aware that BP employed ~ 20,000 folks in the US and about a third of this number in Texas. BP remained the largest leaseholder in the Gulf.

    Soon, I'll return to look for any more North California disaster recovery material recently published.

    NOAA Library - and the smaller NWS web sites are fast loading and have a good deal of quality material.
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