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    Hello atomic age friends. Looking for some good reads to get ready for nuclear survival? Hopefully you'll get hip to these kindly tips.

    • Life After Doomsday, by Dr. Bruce Clayton. This is a great overview on the topic. It covers sheltering, water, food, defense, decontamination, and other topics. The communications chapter is dated due to the fact it was written in the early 1980s, but it is still a solid text. I had the pleasure to correspond with the author and found him to be a very knowledgeable gent.
    • Nuclear War Survival Skills, by Cresson H. Kearny. This one is somewhat technical in nature and is a must read.
    • The Effects of Nuclear Weapons, by Samuel Glasstone and Philip J. Dolan. This one is highly technical in nature. It isn't a survival guide, per se, but is a great introduction to the topic.
    • How to Survive the H-Bomb and Why, by Pat Frank. This one is kind of a mixed bag and a bit dated. Some of it focused on Civil Defense policy, while the rest is personal preparedness. It was written by the author of Alas, Babylon.
    • In Time Of Emergency: A Citizen's Handbook On Nuclear Attack, Natural Disasters, by the Office of Civil Defense. This a free guide published for citizen preparedness.
    • Radiological Emergency Management. This guide is for leadership in an atomic emergency.
    • Tapan on Survival, by Mel Tappan. This one is a general survival guide, but it is focused on a serious collapse like that created by a nuclear exchange.
    • Urban Alert!: Emergency Survival for City Dwellers, Mary Ellen Clayton. This sort of a companion book to Life After Doomsday, was written by the wife of Dr. Clayton. It covers survival in the cities.
    Anyway, those are just a few. There are more specialized guides and manuals, but this is a general overview.

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