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Discussion in 'General Q&A' started by Prepper18, Jul 1, 2018.

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    I live in suburbia. There is a 'no burning' statute, and it apparently is enforced. I need to permanently dispose of 10 yrs of paperwork. My thought is to, um, 'smoke some meat' in my backyard

    I planned to buy a little charcoal grill, but research suggests that paper as fuel might burn too hot??

    Any tips for burning paper in an inconspicuous way?
  2. Ystranc

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    You might consider recycling it by soaking it until it turns to mush and then compressing it in a briquette maker to create low cost fuel that can be easily transported or stored...no-one will be reading your documents once they're just grey mush, that's for sure.
  3. lonewolf

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    of course you could buy a home shredder instead! that's how I dispose of mine.
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    1. Ystranc
      Or you could shred it then mush it before turning it into briquettes and burning it;) just to be absolutely secure:D
      Ystranc, Jul 5, 2018
  4. Old Geezer

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    Here is one of many links I found concerning how to roll-up paper into fireplace logs. You gotta pulverize the paper a bit -- can't just roll up paper. There are lots and lots of techniques. Here is my search string, "turn office paper into fire logs".


    Do not put flammables into these logs! At time of starting fire, you might soak a small amount of kerosene into these make-do fire logs. Heard of spontaneous combustion?! Oily rags in a barrel will catch on fire by themselves. Put flammables in these "logs" and they will become a fire hazard.
    You simply can't imagine how many barns have gone up in flames simply due to putting up hay wet.

    The fire-starter logs one buys at the grocery are wood pulp and paraffin (dirt cheap industrial-grade waxy crap). Candle wax & canning wax are very purified and far too expensive for this application.

    Here's a 4 brick paper log briquette maker one can order from Walmart:

    Here's a bucket in a bucket process. The fellow makes a shredder out of a used saw blade and welds this to a shaft. I'd just use a long threaded rod and locking washers & nuts to fix a shredding disk to this shaft. He makes a press out of a wooden wheel that he'd cut out himself. I think one could go cheaper than this guy.
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