Pet / Livestock Evacuations

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    For those with pets and/or livestock, above link can serve as a foundation document for planning.

    At the link's end, at section IF YOU MUST LEAVE YOUR PET;

    Apparently it is not known to the State of California that there is a "sticker" or outside sign to alert rescue workers that you've evacuated and pets / livestock are inside.

    Definitely add time of day or evacuation and date.

    I believe ASPCA gives out these "stickers" / signs.


    For the sophisticated, there's a category of pet called "wet pets". I need not...I hope not...explain. Arrange for their well being also.
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    Our pets have always been included in our plans. I am quite certain my wife would leave me behind before she would even consider leaving a pet behind. We have all of these things in place including a BOB for pets. I don't think it is mentioned in this article, but for dogs (I am sure) and I believe for cats you should have one ounce of water per pound of body weight per day. That is the minimum recommended amount.

    Good info. Thanks for sharing.
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    Funny, and probably true here as well.

    I added the paper dogs vaccination records to their BOB and a pic of each on a USB stick just in case. We also get the optional kennel cough vaccine for them since it's often a requirement for kenneling them in private kennels and might be for public shelters - not that I plan on us or them being in one though. We also license them with the state, $25 a year and not really enforced here, but could help when trying to keep all the 'family' together during an evacuation/bugout that brings us in contact with government bureaucrats I figure. They also get some additional legal protections under our state law when licensed.
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    We don't have any pets, but if we did, I would not be taking them with us. Too much drain on food resources, & unless a dog is very well trained it can easily give you away. We might take a couple of chooks along though if we were heading into the wilderness :).
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