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    Good morning all,

    Per ...

    A dog permanently kept in an apartment and Sam Francisco's homeless; that is the question, whether it is nobler .....

    Virginia just introduced travel restriction with penalties and enforcement occurring.

    Official morbidity and mortality rates from China are like those from the US and Italy; "Trust but verify".

    Note: " Isolation is the key". This relates to the public health concept of "herd immunity". The world has yet to build up this immunity. Is transparency needed ? It doesn't matter. It will not be available to the public.

    The US national health care delivery system is not as advanced as China's. I say this even before factoring in ~ 40 million new immigrants (some with papers, some without and no photocopy machines) not in the best of health.

    Health care delivery REQUIRES certain vaccinations eg annual flu shots. The US does not practice this, amongst other things such as publicly-funded diets where SNAP/food stamps can be used to buy meats for the pets. Won't even discuss the secondary market using food stamps.

    Where is House Speaker Pelosi ?! (Holding the same office as Sam Rayburn)
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