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    So after a disaster strikes in we will probably lose most of our clothes. After a few days we will need to do a clothe change, but imagine all shops are destroyed. How could you make clothes that protect you from the cold or if it was summer, from the devastating heat.
    Do we have to go back to primal times and hunt for clothes?
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    This depends on your situation. If you are living in a house in the country, then you can afford to have a supply of natural fibre materials such as we have in our home. We also have looms to weave our own cloth. If you don't have a loom, it is easy enough to make a basic loom. My wife made most of my clothing, though I did make my leather leggings, my moccasins, & my legging garters. I also made my own breechcloth which is a good alternative to wearing breeches or trousers.

    If you are living an 18th century lifestyle & living in a primitive shelter, then you can still make your own clothes. This is the point to my posts on long term wilderness living. If you start off with mostly modern equipment & no primitive or traditional skills, then you will likely eventually be living a stone age lifestyle. If you start off with pre 19th century technology & skills, then you are unlikely to ever drop below this comfort level.

    18th century clothing tends to last longer, because it has less stress points. Clothing & everything else in the 18th century was made to last, unlike modern items which have a built-in redundancy. By making your own clothing before the SHTF, then (A) you know how to make these items, & (B) you are wearing the pattern on your person for future construction. This is why 18th century Living Historians believe they have the best chance of survival in a TEOTWAWKI situation. Not only have we made most of our (if not all) clothing & equipment, but we also participate in Historical Trekking, so this off the grid survival situation is nothing new to us, or our families. Besides being experienced, trained & prepared, we also enjoy participating in this 18th century activity, whether someone doing it alone, with their family & friends, or a part of a Living History group. These groups & people exist worldwide.

    There are of course many personas to choose from in Living History, if you intend to participate for the purpose of learning how to survive in a post SHTF situation, then you need to choose a persona that will give you an advantage. The best personas for survival are: Woodsrunner. This includes women as well as men, i.e. woodsmen & woods-women. It also includes woodland Indians (native, white & black) & Indian influenced woodsmen. You can also be part of a militia, which will include some military training. With these personas of course goes the particular clothing they wear, & the special equipment they carry & use. Women can wear men's clothing, it is more practicle, though some woods-women such as Anne Bailey were also know to wear a mix of men's & women's clothing.

    Do not confuse Living History with Historical Reenactment. I Living Historian can be a reenactor & visa versa, but where Reenactment is a public display activity & mostly military, Living History is only public when: it is part of a museum display; part of a living history village, or the group or individual has been asked to be a part of another activity to add to the interest. Other than that we are completely private.

    If you are interested, check out these links:
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    Id go all out Mad Max. Id wear cut off car tires as shoulderpads, assless chaps and welding goggles, saw off my double barrel with an old hacksaw blade. Some ducttape covering my nipples and Ill bring some style to post apocalyptica. Because thats the way I roll baby.


    (Wear high quality clothing. They'll last for years. Not cheap, but how much clothes do you really need?)
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    Heavy duty denim worn loosely and washed occasionally will last and last!
    A little maintenance and you will get years of daily use.
  5. lonewolf

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    a supply of clothing obtained in the here and now will last a long time but eventually either you or your descendants will have to make your own clothes, either by spinning fibres or the use of animal skins.
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