Primitive Fire Lighting. Plant tinders,Flint & Steel & Much More.

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    Title: Primitive Fire lighting.
    ID: 9784776
    Category: History
    Description: “Primitive Fire Lighting”, is a hands on guide to how to make fire with flint and steel and fire bow. This includes some history, a variety of methods, tinder plants identification, and tinder production, tips on fire place construction and use, how to prepare and lay a fire, wet weather fire lighting and magnifying glass fire lighting. The skills and methods in this book will be of interest to a wider range of readers including survivalists, historical re-enactors, bush-walkers and campers, historical–trekkers and even historical novel writers. Although the plant identifications list is mainly Australian it also has some information for England, Europe and America.
    Publisher: Keith H. Burgess
    Copyright Year: © 2010
    Language: English
    Country: Australia

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    Here is and idea..Go to a store and buy a pencil sharpener one that has multiple holes and a hand crank...One stick a few turns and PRESTO tinder...
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