Protecting the home from potential intruders

Discussion in 'Safety' started by Corzhens, Jun 13, 2016.

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  1. Corzhens

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    What ways do you think can deter an intruder from breaking into your home?

    Our first defense is our dogs. They are naturally noisy when they sense someone by the gate much more when someone is inside our property. Even at night when we are asleep, our dogs would be awake to bark at the slightest sign of an intruder. And we show our dogs in the front yard during the day since that is their toilet. So people in our area see our dogs and potential burglars are warned by that.

    At night, we leave so many night lights, one in the backyard, 1 in the garage, another in the driveway, 1 in the terrace and also in the grotto. Add to that our bedroom light which we leave open at night. Those lights may be costing us electricity but a cop said that it is a good way of preventing criminals since they only attack in the dark. Much more with the prevalence of CCTV, the burglars are afraid of the night lights.
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  2. cluckeyo

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    I have a motion light shining on my mower and car. I also keep a light on the front porch. I feel these are good deterents. And I have a yappy little dog who don't take nothin' off nobody! I also think we are at less risk for being out in the country. We keep things locked. I sometimes use monitors if I am suspicious that something is going on outside at night.
  3. John Snort

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    Install an alarm system. Burglars often expect to slip in and out of your home unnoticed. If an alarm goes off when they are trying to get in they most likely won't stick around and won't be coming back ever.

    I've also heard of motion activated floodlights. While having your lights on might be a good idea, these are even better because the burglar will think you've spotted them. The moment the lights come on . . . they'll make themselves scarce.
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  4. DecMikashimota

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    A home security framework as a surveillance system has an alert that alarms off numerous future intruders. You can survey what happens by means of cameras introduced all through your home, and even watch keenly on what goes on around your home. It is an excellent deterrent if you ask me.
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  5. BeautifullyBree

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    We are lucky. We live next door to a business that never closes. I think the risk of being seen is a little higher, and scares some people away. We also have two dogs. One is a yappy little schnauzer who warns us of anyone nearby. The second is a Pitt bull which is more for his scary appearance and scaring intruders away. We always use extra locks at night.
  6. ToTang45

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    Yep this is the score. Something with video is for sure the way to go!
    That way not only do you deter them, you nail them trying and know you should be vigilant.
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  7. schiavonecalvin

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    Vigilance is the key in my book. The only way that someone will try to do something to your household is if they believe that they can get away with it, in most cases. Stand your guard and do what you have to do in order to protect you or your family. Unless a person is completely crazy they will think twice about harming your household.
  8. ally79

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    We have motion sensor lights and two dogs. If they get past them they will be quickly introduced to one of our weapons. There is no messing around when it comes to protecting my family.
  9. neoKit

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    Dogs can really help in chasing away intruders or thieves. We should consider having alarm systems on top of the roof. Fencing our compounds is also an important thing to consider. We can have electric fences or natural fences which have thorns. Having our gates in good condition is another tip. This will deter intruders from breaking in and entering our homesteads.
  10. Zyphir

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    In a SHTF situation I don't think people would really care about cameras and security alarms. Don't get me wrong cameras would be good monitoring their locations and giving you a better chance of putting yourself in postion to defend. Having perimeter alarms to alert you of intruders giving you time to ready yourself is key along with having perimeter intrusion obstructions to slow down there progress towards you or to force them to go around into a fatal funnel or kill zones. Having walls, gates, fenced screams HEY I HAVE SOMETHING VALUABLE HERE! But with the creative use of passive natural terrain such as brush, small trees, fallen branches and trees along with boulders used in conjunction with barb wire and tangle foot you can basically choose which way they have to come to your property.
  11. PedroP

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    When I lived by myself I set a little perimeter that followed a few essential rules. I never actually needed to use it but it sure made me feel safer. First and foremost lock all doors. Second, know all the ins and outs. Potential invaders will come from one or two places and you can escape through such places as well. Third be alert. Be able to differentiate between a common noise and a break in. Noises that are unnatural will usually produce other unnatural noises as a result. Fourth keep hidden weapons in strategic places, never know when you might need them. And at last but not least I kept my hunting knife at hand in my room and whenever I slept, it was right by my side. Should I listen to anything different than usual I'd go check with my trusty blade in hand.
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