Q. Are You Serious About Survival?

Discussion in 'Mental Preparedness' started by Academy-A-wart, May 15, 2019 at 12:40 PM.

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  1. Academy-A-wart

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    That's the question that came in my mailbox. The answer is no. Some of us seniors don't get enough money per month to stock up on food and self defense paraphernalia. I may as well withdraw from this site.
    Below: Marvin from the movie: Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

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  2. Keith H.

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    I does not take money to be serious about anything, one just does the best one can with what one has. There are some things that I have not implemented yet, but I am still serious about staying alive.
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  3. Sonofliberty

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    It doesn't take a lot of money to go out in the woods and practice skills. Learning to fish and snare will save you money in the short to mid term, really learning to hunt can save you even more. Then you learn plant identification and come to realize just how much free food is ignored, unrecognized, and even disdained because it didn't come from a grocer. Gardening will do even more for you. The more of your own food you grow, the more you save and the healthier you eat; plus you gain the benefit of increased physical activity. Can you raise rabbits? They are cheap and quiet and can also benefit from your garden while providing meat and excellent free fertilizer.
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  4. Keith H.

    Keith H. Moderator Staff Member

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    Good post.
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  5. Pragmatist

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    Academy, You're doing most everything wrong.

    Whatever monthly stipend you're receiving, ... Social Security, Railroad Retirement Board, etc, etc, ... is ample. Luxury living with all hazard protection: NO, but ample for survival. Attend any DAV meeting and 10-15% of those present have less than you, in worse medical condition and in decent shape. Think of the WWII European partisans living in the forests.

    Savvy shopping allows for stockpiling AT THE SAME COST as purchasing a can of anything one at a time.

    Survival and self-defense have little to do with paraphernalia (~ 20%). Eighty % is mental preparation. In some of my former organizations, the term "philosophy" was used.

    A guess is you're spending too much on housing and secret girl friends.
  6. lonewolf

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    knowledge and skills will outlive stuff.
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  7. Morgan101

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    It boils down to priorities. There are dozens of web sites and You Tube videos showing how to prepare on a limited budget. You can amass an astonishing amount of food in a very short time by spending a dollar a day. I have done it. Instead of having that candy bar or soft drink get something from the grocery store you can keep longer term.

    You don't need a lot of expensive gear. You already have 90% of what you need in your house. Arrange it or store it in a manner where you can grab and go quickly if the need arises. We don't think of it as prepping, but every single person here who has children had a bag packed and ready to take to the hospital when that magic time came. No time to think. Grab what you need and go. Make sure it is all packed and ready. Now we call it prepping or survivalism, and we do it to lessen the blow of natural disasters.

    Sure. We take it seriously. Why would you not? My life, and the lives of my family depend on it. JMHO but I think you would be better served staying with this site, and learning how you can prepare and survive on a budget rather than withdrawing, and giving up.
  8. coffee

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    Never give up !!! Look I am 65 years old and raising my 7 & 1/2 year old grandson. I am on 100% disability, and the 2 of us live on my $1,045. per month. Life can seem overwhelming at times, and when it is overwhelming, I thank the good Lord for all that I have. Just start simple...save all your glass jars when empty, wash them out and dry completely. As you can, when shopping buy dry beans and white rice, oatmeal, powdered milk, instant potatoes, dehydrated box of scalloped potatoes, mac-&-cheese, pancake mixes, (save them in the clean, dry glass containers), kool-aid in individual serving pouches and coffee too, tea bags, sugar, can soups, can tuna fish and can chicken,etc. Even if all you can afford is $5.00 a week, it is a start. Then, next thing I suggest are baby wipes, toilet paper, vaseline, over the counter medicines, like band-aids, triple antibiotic ointment, diarrhea medicine, headache/fever medicines, (most all these from Wal-mart cost $.88 each). Then I would get some rat traps, fishing pole, fishing line, hooks, etc., and a sling shot. Now buy a individual water purifier, like Life Straw, and even a bag of pool shock (without additives), plain clorox bleach, and a pack of N-95 respirator mask, matches/lighters.

    May I ask...do you have a wife & children? What state do you live in?
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