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    I have 4 -5 Mile Range 2-way radios. Great for communication between me, my wife and kids when camping and can be great in a survival situation.
    I do read about people also having a HAM radio and scanner. Are these necessary? Is it worth buying a cheap one? Does anyone have any suggestions on models?
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    I like and prefere the Baofeng UV 5R type radios. I am a ham operator but these are commercial radios which also happen to be capable of operating on the ham bands as well as other frequencies..

    They will also operate on the FRS/GMRS frequencies as well. But you must know the actually frequency in order to get them to work on those frequencies. Not the channel but the frequency.

    They are inexpensive and flexable. I like them because I can also build external antennas for them and make them transmit and receive much further....or even hook them up to my magnetic base car antenna.

    There are several models of these but I buy the ones with the same battery that these batteries can be swapped out and or spare batteries of the same type charging while the radios are in use. These batteries can be charged separate/while removed from the radios ..a nice feature to have.

    This radio also has a built in LED light source and also capable of receiving the FM broadcasting band.

    They are not that expensive and can be found on Amazon.

    Thanks ,

    Not an Ishmaelite
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