Rainy Season Is Planting Time

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    We always avail of the rainy season to plant. Especially with cuttings for planting material, just stick them on the ground and they will grow by themselves. Rain makes plants grow faster the likes of moringa, dragon fruit, and even mulberry which is the favorite of goats. Such cuttings are hard to grow during summer that's why when it rains, that's great opportunity for planting such cuttings.
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    The lucky farmers plant earliest as the rains might subside before the crop matures. Interestingly, some farmers in my region grow just after the rainy season so that the market glut of vegetables associated with heavy rains will have tapered by the time they take their crops to the market.
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    Well it depends: different plants, fruit and vegetables have all different needs and some of them won't do any good when planted in rainy season (beside, there are places where there isn't an actual "rainy season"... sometime it rain, sometime it doesn't).
    And you still to watch out for drought periods! This is what the three-field system is for, since ancient times. It doesn't have anything to do with rainy season.
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