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Discussion in 'Animal Husbandry' started by Corzhens, Jun 30, 2016.

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  1. Corzhens

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    Yes, you read it right - ostrich. There are ostrich farms here in the northern provinces. In a magazine interview, the owners said that the ostrich is just like a big-sized chicken or turkey. However, it is best when it is in free range because it becomes healthier. And just like chicken, they said that the ostrich can be self-supporting when roaming in the open for it can eat anything edible. What's good in the ostrich is the young age that it lays egg within 1 year.

    The meat of the ostrich is more delicious than chicken and it actually tastes like beef. However, I wonder how to butcher the ostrich. What if it resists? Or maybe there's a trick on butchering the ostrich. But nevertheless, the raising is so easy and you can forget the butchering for a later concern.
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    I have no experience with ostriches. But from my readings they can lay up to 40 to 60 eggs a year which is good. However, these guys consume more and need more room to move around. There are some breeds of chickens that lay an average of a egg a day. For now I'll stick with the chickens as they are easier to manage and house.
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    I have no experience about raising ostriches, but have heard stories about them. Ostriches can be dangerous and difficult to care for. I know of a place where in slaughtering an ostrich, the ostrich is tricked into dipping its head into a hole where it is beheaded. I've never tasted the meat of an ostrich, but I presume it would be delicious.
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    Some years ago there was a restaurant nearby, and its main courses were based on ostrichs.
    They had a breeding farm where they used to raise them. I visited them as a kid, without realizing what their purpose was, and I remember them being somewhat mean. Now it's closed because keeping the ostrichs was becoming expensive and they didn't have many customers, so I never had the chance to try it out.
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    I haven't raised any myself, but domesticated ones are relatively common here. I've had the meat and eggs before and they are pretty good. I can't see adding an ostrich any time soon though.
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