Ramen Noodles

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  1. bubba man

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    hope i can ask this here - how long will ramen noodles stay - i keep just as a [ just in case ] type of prep food
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  2. Keith H.

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    If they are dry bubba, & kept dry, they should last for years. The only thing that can change in dried foods is the taste, some dried food hold the taste better than others.
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    I remove them from their cheap packaging and then put them in a vacuum sealed bag. I do this with those soups and such that are usually with the ramion noodles and they last for nearly EVER. With no moisture and no air there isn't much that will grow in that condition. I also do the same with the instant boxed mixes of red beans and rice and other rice based instant meals. It also works with instant potatoes. These ultra light instant meals are high calorie high carb meals. Add in some meat and fats and you can go a long way for very little in the way of money.
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  4. watcherchris

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    Hmmm...never thought of that with Ramen Noodles..vacuum sealing them...and I have a food saver. But this would definitely and further prolong their shelf life.

    I keep a large case of them here for just such emergencies and only occasionally eating them..but they have little nutritional value unless you add more to them. What they are is quick and with a significant shelf life...which is why I keep them.

    I"ve even seen some people eat them dried...like a sandwich. Not for me thanks. But they are quick which is their redeeming grace.

    Nonetheless ..thanks for that idea of vacuum sealing them to further their shelf life.

    I get them in the large case at one of these big wholesale stores.


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