Reloading This Weekend.

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    This weekend a lady friend stopped by with her grandson and he and I went out into my garage and worked to reload 100 rounds of .38 Special brass which we had shot up a week ago in my Ruger GP 100 as well as in my Henry lever carbine in .357/.38 Special.

    Both his grandmother and this young lad enjoyed shooting that lever rifle as it has little recoil in both .357s Magnum as well as .38 Special.

    We reloaded the .38 Special...with 100 rounds of cast lead semi wadcutters in 158 grain weight.

    I have about 200 more rounds of .38 Special to reload but will be taking my time with this task.

    The young lad seemed to verily like working my Lee and also my RCBS Rock Chucker press.

    Let him work my RCBS hand primer tool as well as the scoops to put the charge in the funnel.

    ON working the gunpowder I watched him carefully with leveling out the load in the scoop..and then into the funnel.

    Glad he enjoyed this aspect of going to the range and then my garage.

    Not an Ishmaelite.
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  2. watcherchris

    watcherchris Legendary Survivalist

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    Went out into my garage tonight and reloaded some 250 rounds of .38 Special.....,158 grain copper plated lead bullets.

    Also reloaded some 25 rounds of .357 Magnum with the same 158 grain copper plated bullets.

    Also some 40 rounds of .243 Winchester.

    Resized five rounds of .308 Winchester to .243 Winchester brass and loaded them as did I the previous 40 rounds.

    Have uncounted amounts of .357 Magnum and .38 Special brass in my tumbler to be reloaded but that is for another day's work.,

    Haven't done much reloading in awhile and thought I would get back in the habit....before the weather gets better and I want to spend more time shooting at the range.

    Not an Ishmaelite
  3. TMT Tactical

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    Still want to start reloading but too many higher priorities lately. I still need to purchase some things and a couple are big (to me) ticket items. I did make it to the range today. So I was able to shoot off a few mags for Gp. Mr. Murphy was having fun, 15 to 20 MPH winds all day. I did finally get all my rifles sighted in at 100 yards.
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