Rep Senators Intro Police Reform Bill

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    Good afternoon all,

    Per ...

    This draft legislation "appears", at least to me, a start to "Federalize" police officers. I say this because had just read in article:

    "... bill requires police officers to report to the FBI after an incident when an officer has discharged his or her weapon or used force."

    If, for example, the state LEO, in making a maritime drug seizure, used force, in conjunction with a USCG boarding party, a report is required to FBI of Department of Justice and not to be finalized by USCG of Department of Homeland Security ?
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    Game plan??? Disarm the citizens, federalize the police. Why you ask. Local police live there and so do their families. Federal law enforcers will violate the constitution without risk to themselves or their family. People know where the local law enforcement officer live. The government flies in the gestapo, attacks the resistance and then flies the gestapo back out. Just a thought to think over.
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    NO, to federalizing the police....NO
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