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    To sum up a few essential items you can use to increase your chance of survival here are some tools that can come in handy to you. Items with multiple tools built into them is a good way to use space efficiently. Tools such as knives with a built in flint and steel an extra cord wrapped around the handle can be utilized in many different ways. Water bottles that have purification drinking straws built in or an easy way to gather quickly and store water. Freeze dried food and cured meats is a good idea if you are planning a survival trip.
    If you don't have food with you and you're in a survival situation picking berries and putting them in a container under a rock in a river will help keep them from spoiling. Reviewing survival techniques may come in handy because some tips or tricks slip your mind. If you are a person that does not like the taste of game food seasonings may be very helpful in keeping you in a good and positive mood. Popcorn seeds are small and light to carry around and make for a great campfire snack. There is nothing quite like sitting in the middle of the woods and chomping on some salty popcorn. Plus it's a great source of salt and carbohydrates
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    A good iteam to have is those dungie balls use to hold tarps to frames they make shelter easy to hold a give them a bit more wind give
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