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    There are a few essential pieces of gear you need for the best chance of survival. Basic needs when surviving out in the woods is food, water, shelter and fire. There are tools that can best help for each one of these categories. When looking for food having some rope or small cordage is useful for setting traps and snares as well as for fastening sharp tips to spears and arrows.
    A good tool to have when trying to gather or store water is a purification straw or purification tablets and pots and pans. But always be sure to boil your water to guarantee that it is safe to drink. When looking for shelter remember to build on a slight hill so that rain water does not sit still in your camp.
    Build in between rocks and under dense trees and bushes so that they doing a little bit of the protecting. If the geography is big enough try to find a place where the storm may dissipate if one decided to form. When making a fire dry wood and good fluffy dry kindling are ideal for having maximum success for starting a fire.
    A flint and steel or butane lighter work best and waterproof matches also work well for starting fires. But if you do not have any of these methods of starting fire you can use a good old fashioned method of making a bow drill. You can find a quick tutorial of how to make a bow drill on the Internet which will go through the steps step by step.
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