Riots Haiti; Fuel Prices Set Off Riots

Discussion in 'Urban Survival' started by Old Geezer, Jul 8, 2018.

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    Riots in Haiti have stranded several dozen Americans; many are at the Oasis Hotel in Port-au-Prince.

    The people in the hotel apparently are attempting a perimeter, however I gather that such is tenuous at best. Word is that should the rioters set the hotel on fire, the 50 or so American missionaries are going to try to make a run for it. Me, I have no idea of where it is they feel that they could be safe AND be able to get there post haste.

    We preppers need to take note of the details as the information comes in. In my own mind, I'm placing myself there and working through what options might be available to me.

    These particular riots were ostensibly triggered by the government's allowing fuel prices to rise. There's been lots of property damage and lives have been lost. It's a bit early to get all the details.

    Talk about having to send in the Marines! These Americans have no weapons and could easily become targets. Hope the Prez gets some boots on the ground. The civilians need escort to our embassy. Should they get surrounded, we'll need to lay down cover fire and dust them off. Me, I don't care how many rioters get killed -- let them go back to behaving like humans, or else ...

    All around our planet, tensions are running high. Here in the States, things are coming unglued due to the unpopularity of the current Executive Branch. I start this discussion simply to show how easily riots begin and how high the level of violence can become over a very short period of time.
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    Frankly, I wish Australians would riot. They are just too apathetic. You could probably herd them into a gas chamber & not get a murmur from them. Pathetic.
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