Rock Reflectors & Cooking.

Discussion in 'Safety' started by Keith H., May 9, 2016.

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  1. Keith H.

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    When using rocks to cook on, reflect heat back into your shelter, or if you contain your fire in a rock surround, NEVER use rocks from a river, creek bed or any other water source including on the beach. These rocks may contain enough moisture to make them explode when they get hot, sending shards of rock in all directions.
  2. Tom Williams

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    Flat sandstone found in stream or in stream banks make great fire reflectors 4stone one under 3 to surround fire back reflector goes to the side of fire where wind is comeing from
  3. Arkane

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    Do people really need to be taught this stuff?
    I would have considered it basic core knowledge you get in your teens!
    A scrap bit of old roofing iron is really handy to have around if there is near constant rain! covers the fire and with a few wraps of fencing wire to dry meat on under it!
    not something you would carry with you but handy if you are pre prepping a campsite! Car bonnets/boots work too:)
  4. Tom Williams

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    Paint on car toxic when burnt
  5. Tom Williams

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    Ive used dry flat sandstones many timesto cook with small fire just big enough to cook with
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    That's a good warning - using rocks from the river for cooking is not a good idea for they might explode. There was a river that we used to go for picnic and swimming. The clear water is fast flowing because of the rocks everywhere. The entire river is covered with rocks and stones. And the pic in the thread is a good way of cooking in that river. Fortunately, we haven't cooked using the stones there. By the way, the name of the river is Angat River in the province of Bulacan. It is a famous river because the source is a dam.
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