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    Here are some links to incredibly strong ropes and threads. I will start with threads. These spools contain threads that are strong beyond belief. One customer said of a thread only 0.75 mm in width, that he is 240 lbs. (110kg) and had tied one end of this thread to a vice, held the thread, and leaned back on it in an attempt to break it. It wouldn't break. I have some of the same thread at work and it is absulutely mind-numbingly strong. I jerry-rig all manner of things with this nano rope and it lasts without breaking. The tensile strength listed doesn't mean much, if you ask me because I simply can't break these threads. Use LARGE needles to sew with this stuff. I comes in all colors to include glow-in-the-dark. The company name is Atwood Rope.
    This is 0.75mm in diameter and is available in all colors.
    This is 1.18 mm in diameter and is available in all colors.

    Large needles:

    Tensile strength - 2650 lbs / 1202 kg
    Specials and closeouts
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