Runoff Water Collection Illegal?

Discussion in 'Finding, Purifying, and Storing Water' started by Darrell, Jan 19, 2016.

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  1. Darrell

    Darrell Administrator Gold Supporter

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    Does anyone have this issue in their area?
  2. Jason

    Jason Active Member

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    I'm not sure of other areas but oh wait did I leave that barrel sitting out, darn... Nope no one cares about that petty stuff where I live, that's just a ploy some places use so you have to buy the city water.
  3. Gene

    Gene Moderator

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    No problems with collecting rain water in Washington State. I also just read you can pump out of the ground in the winter and store it for later use.
  4. Charles R. Stevens

    Charles R. Stevens Active Member

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    Depends on the state. Colorado is the biggest offender, as they consider the rain and snow to belong to the state (more the big cities that depend on the watershed for their lives)
    Most states (western) consider what falls on you yours, but what runs of to either be state, public or privately held. "Water rights" being of importance, again to those down stream who depend on watersheds to fill lakes and streams they use for water. Water rights are touchy things out west, at one time Arizona had an armed flotilla on the colorado river to keep Califonia from taking more than their share.
  5. hippyzomby

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    The law says it is illegal to collect rainwater. I think it is because they cant control how much of it we have, and they cannot tax us for it. Therefore they do not see it as something we are allowed to own.
    We collect rainwater anyways. It is good for plants and you dont have to run up your water bill to water them. I know my grandfather taught me how to do it with a bucket trashcan and a water hose. When we go a couple of weeks no water let the water we let the rain water do its job.
    Put a screen over the top of it so no bugs get in and you can keep collecting. When it is not raining cover it completely so that way it does not evaporate as fast.
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