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    There's this ancestral practice from the mountainous villages in my country where pork meat is usually preserved using a lot of rock salt and the meat could last for years. They massage meats with a lot of salt and store them in clay jars. They are not safe from maggots but even after years of storage in a jar, the meats are still in tact and edible. The village people sometimes even include the maggots with the meat when they cook it.

    By the time they finally cook the meat, they usually boil it with beans or other types of meat. It really tastes salty even if you wash it many times before cooking.
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    If you wish to salt fat pork, scald coarse salt in water and
    skim it, till the salt will no longer melt in the water. Pack
    your pork down in tight layers; salt every layer; when the
    brine is cool, cover the pork with it, and keep a heavy stone
    on top to keep the pork under brine. Look to it once in a
    while, for the first few weeks, and if the salt has all melted,
    throw in more. This brine, scaling and skimmed every time
    it is used, will continue good twenty years. The rind of the
    pork should be packed towards the edge of the barrel.44
    Salting meat was a less time consuming task that salting pork. Child explained
    that “you have nothing to do but rub in salt plentifully, and let it set in the cellar a day or
    two…In summer, it will not keep more than a day and a half; if you are compelled to
    keep it longer, be sure and rub more salt, and keep it carefully covered from cellarflies.”

    43 Deborah Norris Logan, Diary VII, December 28, 1824. Historical Society of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
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