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  1. Keith H.

    Keith H. Moderator Staff Member

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    Okay, this is happening in real time, happening right now where you are. You hear aircraft overhead, lots of them. You turn on the radio/TV & a broadcast tells you that your country is being invaded by a foreign power.

    What do you do right now?
  2. Arkane

    Arkane Master Survivalist

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    I start with a damn good shower, possibly my last!
    Dress in my invasion clothes and don my invasion kit!
    Open the safe and tool up!
    Should be getting batshit crazy outside by now as I walk out my front door!

    I face my "front towards enemy" and commence the best and last party of my life
    and will see you all in hell soon enough!

    but really! yep see above!
  3. Corzhens

    Corzhens Master Survivalist

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    My parents were teenagers when world war 2 broke out. They said that everyone was in panic but the panic subsided after a week. That's when they realized that panicking did not solve anything. The war was still ongoing, foreign soldiers have invaded their place and amid the brutality and violence, life still went on. From that lesson of the past, I guess what I would do is to pray for God's help that we be saved from harm. However, I don't discount the panic for I'm sure there would be chaos just as the announcement of an invasion is broadcast.
  4. Keith H.

    Keith H. Moderator Staff Member

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    I have never seen god help anyone yet. A close friend of mine was very religious, he refused cancer treatment & put his life in the hands of god. He died. Better to believe in yourself instead of a non existent invisible friend.
  5. iamawriter

    iamawriter Well-Known Member

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    Que sera sera would be the song I would sing provided I have outlets to get away from the situation which with so many aircraft flying above my head would be nil.

    While singing that song however I would do one thing and that is lie flat on the ground as that is the advice most would have received.
  6. SouthernMama

    SouthernMama Active Member

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    First off, I'd probably scream! (all the planes would freak anyone out) And since this is happening right now - I'm at work so I'd get the heck out of here. A refinery is not where you want to be when planes are attacking! Then I'd get to my kids and run to the woods!
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