Scientists Have Just Detected A Major Change To The Earth’s Oceans Linked To A Warming Climate

Discussion in 'Climate Change' started by Keith H., Feb 18, 2017.

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  1. Keith H.

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  2. JimLE

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    my mom was watching the news or some doctramentry which they talked about this..that can become a very serious issue if it aint dealt with properly..

    But another factor is the growing stratification of ocean waters. Oxygen enters the ocean at its surface, from the atmosphere and from the photosynthetic activity of marine microorganisms. But as that upper layer warms up, the oxygen-rich waters are less likely to mix down into cooler layers of the ocean because the warm waters are less dense and do not sink as readily.

    “When the upper ocean warms, less water gets down deep, and so therefore, the oxygen supply to the deep ocean is shut down or significantly reduced,” Schmidtko said.
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  3. Keith H.

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    I am sure that our politicians are assuming that by the time our environment becomes really difficult to live in, they will have died anyway. They have no thought for their extended families. But in nature when something starts to go wrong, it is not a steady progression, one thing alters another, & the more things change, the faster degradation moves. I don't know how long we have, but I do know that this climate change/global warming is effecting us here already. We are already planning to shade cloth most of if not all of our gardens over time, because our vegies are literally burning/cooking!
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  4. Arkane

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    So warm water evaporates yes? The salt etc stays making that water more dense yes? that water then sinks as it is heavier yes?

    There are natural variations and cycles in this but it averages out to a constant yes!

    It is all bull sheeple fodder to keep the sheeple in a state of fear and to keep there minds ( what there is of them ) focused on personal and collective guilt!
    Sheeple are born to be fleeced! and fleeced they are! again and again and again!
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  5. Duncan

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    As I said in another thread, I am not a climatologist. However, my beliefs regarding anthropogenic climate change are based on my studies, i.e., what I've read and what I've seen. Here they are:
    • Man-made climate change -- based primarily on atmospheric emissions, but also on population growth -- on a world wide level is happening. It is happening fast and the rate that is changing fast is also changing fast.
    • Climate change is not uniform. Climate is way to complex for anyone to say that " this particular year, the temperature in East Jesus, West Virginia will be 97 deg Fahrenheit" or "all the Antarctic ice-pack will be gone by June 4, 2044." It's just not that simple. The Earth is a supremely complex organism/structure, and, even with the largest and fastest computers available to us, we can't see some of the micro-results until they happen. In some cases, changes to warm one area will make another area cold. Droughts here will result in floods there. But the overall trend is that the Earth's oceans, land-masses, and atmosphere are getting warmer; and the new stagnation temperature, when it gets here (if it ever does) will be significantly higher than it is now.
    • Some climate change deniers will point out that the whole thing is a scam to get us to pay more taxes which will go to someone else. I agree that it will cost us (everyone) a whole lot to clean up our existing mess and try to roll back the damage we've done so far and to help stabilize the temperature rise. But that doesn't make it some sort of secret plot; it's just a willingness to understand that we screwed the pooch and we're going to have to pay for it one way or another. What do you want to pay, a coupla billion dollars or a coupla billion lives? Take your pick.
    People on this forum are always talking about making hard choices to save yourselves and our family -- given what you think is the approach of Hard Times. I believe that the biggest long term problem for everyone -- especially for the Western countries like the US, Australia, and the UK -- are world-wide droughts, crop failures, lack of potable water, displaced billions and a whole raft of wars of survival between the people who got a better hand in the Poker Game of Life and those who didn't.

    How serious am I about this? The concern about long-term climate change was the single biggest reason Dawn and I left an area already fighting record high temperatures, lowering the aquifer across the state of Arizona and more and more people already squabbling over what's left of the open land ...

    ... for a rural environment in a state with more water, less people, and more of a resistance to increasing temperatures and possible crop failures.

    Isn't that what "preppers" are supposed to be doing?
  6. Keith H.

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    Good post Duncan, well done.
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  7. GrizzlyetteAdams

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    Smart move, Duncan.

    As a life-long gardener, I have noticed a dramatic shift in the USDA planting zone maps. It is especially evident when you compare the old gardening books with current ones. The whole country is one zone different than it used to be. (What used to be zone 6 is now a 7, and so on.) Plants that I never could grow in my area I now can plant without fear of winter-killing them.

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  8. watcherchris

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    You folks can argue this stuff all you want ....and all the phony/fake media will push on us.....and they will.

    In the end...all this debate and posturing over "Climate Change " will be for the purpose of "Herding " people to do what someone else limit people as to their individual freedoms....and Liberties.

    In the end...this will be for the purpose of justifying Genocide and or limit populations of whole nations and peoples.

    To get to this point of Democide and Genocide........"Climate Change" must needs morph into a fervent and zealous religion.

    This is sometimes called........"Thinning the Herd."

    And it is a long term...UN/NWO posture/position.

    You can put all the nice touchy feely names you want on it..but in the end this is where it will be wide population control and loss of the Sovereignty of Nations and People.

    You will be watching Ishmael at work...right in front of you...putting other people into bondage and servitude/herding to justify their religion of Climate Change.

    My non Ishmaelite .02,
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  9. Duncan

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    Who or what is an "Ishmael"? Is it the Old Testament brother of Isaac? Does it mean "Muslim"? Or is it shorthand for the "devil"?
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  10. watcherchris

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    Ahhhhhh......Duncan.....excellent question. I have been wondering when someone would step forth and ask that very question.

    Thanks for volunteering the question.....excellent.

    The word as I am want to use it..."Ishmael or Ishmaelite" refers to bondage.....involuntary servitude...slavery.

    It comes from a passage in the New Testament in the Chapter of Galatians 4 about verse 24 & 25...but the context begins at verse 21.

    It is speaking of the Olde and New Testaments themselves...the two covenants......but in the context of two brothers by their father Abraham.

    Ishamel is the son by Agar....his mother...the bondwoman of Sarah...Abraham's wife. Ishmael is the Olde Testament ..

    here from the KJV...verse 24 & 25

    The children of Agar.....from Ishmael....are in bondage....with her children....those descended from Agar/ this case....the Olde Testament....bondage.

    I am often using or illustrating Ishmael to refer to many things happening today as examples of bondage...slavery ..involuntary servitude.

    Climate change.....the cost of this program will put many people into economic bondage and servitude to finance this program in perpetuity.....with no end in sight...preying on peoples fears and insecurities.

    One program after another after another in politics ..being financed on the public purse for the purpose of getting votes for certain candidates and their party....this too is bondage ..Ishmael....

    One government program after another after another after another in perpetuity win votes from an unknowledgeable, unthinking, unawares, overly emotional public ..but putting them into bondage/Ishmael to pay for it.

    Watch this woman running for President ...Elizabeth Warren proposing child care for women.....trying to get the woman's vote on the public perpetuity...another give away program for votes...meaning...economic bondage for the public required to pay for it.
    Ishmael and promoted by Ishmaelites.

    Illegal aliens.....needing to be brought into the country and put on welfare....including medical while the rest of us are required to pay for it. Eventually these people will be put on the voting rolls to out vote the rest of America ..particularly in high electoral vote states...
    But someone has to pay for all this....and thus be put into economic bondage...Ishmael...
    To pay for their own demise...for the political system...

    The system will gladly put its people into bondage to keep and maintain power.....this is Ishmael at work....once you see it ...

    Once you see and recognize it over an over and will see it more often...when you ask yourself who is going to be required to pay for it.

    I keep saying ....people ...Americans cannot be trusted with their guns....

    Why would we be dumb enough to think we will ever be trusted with a vote????

    Again...Ishmaelites at work....seeking to put Americans in to bondage...servitude.

    Brexit in the UK....bondage ...involuntary servitude....
    The People I the UK cannot be trusted with their vote ...and they certainly are disarmed...physically as well as mentally and spiritually.
    The people in the UK and also on the continent...cannot be trusted to determine their future by their vote...they need to be properly "Herded......Ishmael."

    And so too someone desires here in America to turn us into Ishmaelites...
    TO put us into similar bondage and servitude as is happening in the UK and the Continent.

    Whenever I detect this pattern happening I look for Ishmael at work...someone is trying to sneak in Ishmael or an Ishmaelite program and get rid of the pattern of Isaac.

    This is Ishmael at work. Ishmael is an allegory for bondage...servitude.

    And most of our media serves control our thinking.

    Remember that stupid blonde bimbo on MSNBC...Mika I think is her name.....saying out in the open that it was the media's job to tell people what to think....again Ishmaelites at work.

    They are getting so bold they think no one notices it..or can think it through to what it really is. This has today reached the point of entitlement by some out here.

    In Isaac shall thy seed be called....not in Ishmael.

    Hope this helps Duncan....

    Was wondering when someone would finally ask????

    Thanks for the questioning attitude...well done!!!

    Be Warned the Ishmaelites.

    Not an Ishmaelite.
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  11. Ystranc

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