Seal Line Propack 115l Mods, Video Series

Discussion in 'Recrafting and Modifying' started by Squirtgunsquirter, Jan 12, 2018.

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  1. Squirtgunsquirter

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    First off, sorry for the shaky footage around 90 seconds, I had an issue. This first one is a video test post anyway, so it will probably take me a few tries to get it right.

    The reason for the mod in this video? I don't want to "dump the pack on contact".

    Yes, I have friends who are combat vets, and yes they tell me to drop the pack. But, I figure, I am not looking to be aggressive. I'm not looking to advance, I don't have a team or a truck or a FOB a few klicks away. In an event, I want to back off in an orderly manner, and gtfo. And I need what is in the pack. I think it would be pretty useful to use the sling as it is intended to be used, while keeping the pack on. One QD, and I can still dump the pack. It just gives me an option.

    So tomorrow I will start cutting the left side straps and QD's, and change the location of the QD so I can reach it, and get the stupid sling off my neck, and sliding correctly for a decent shouldering motion.

    I also want the rifle to hang offside correctly so I can transition to a pistol. right now, the setup is a mess.

    In this series, I'm also going to go through a pretty detailed how to on adding external molle panels to this pack, and that's going to be a bit of a challenge. Not a lot of mounting points on this one.

    My wife has strictly forbidden me from buying another pack, so this is one. And I like it, so I will obey.
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  2. Old Geezer

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    The pack is something that could be of great use to you, for instance during a SHTF situation, you may be at work and need to get back to your home and family. Your primary task is thinking of ways to make your home/condo more robust in the way of preventing looters from breaking in.

    For instance, you need multiple large fire extinguishers. If near high-crime areas, you may consider shatter-proof glass (plexiglass) or non-cuttable window screens. If living in a condo do the fire walls between units meet fire code? Think of looters throwing rocks or Molotov cocktails trough your windows and doors. You must prevent this with building materials or by dropping such savages with a rifle. If your condo is not masonry, but a modern frame structure, understand that firearm bullets, especially rifle bullets, will go right through a wall like a hot knife through butter.

    If your kids are young, keeping your weapons out of their hands and especially out of the hands of their friends who may be visiting in your home is super important. Most children today are utterly bereft of any manner of discipline, thus self-discipline never evolves in these people -- this poses a huge threat to the security of your home if such feral kids are in your home visiting. Consider such kids being in your house when you and your wife are out. To forbid your kids from bringing in such riffraff, may mean next to nothing as your kids enter adolescence.
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  3. Squirtgunsquirter

    Squirtgunsquirter Member

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    Finished moving the QD down to where I can reach it.

  4. Squirtgunsquirter

    Squirtgunsquirter Member

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    SUNP0002 (1).JPG SUNP0003 (1).JPG Finished up the molle panel for the ProPack.

    I will have to play around with placement, but it is pretty solid on the pack. I have the machete and Silky saw on there just to mess with them.
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