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    Good morning all,

    Above link I read in the pulp Washington Compost of Sunday, 18 August.

    It's focused to security devices for motel/hotel rooms but am post it here to provoke thought on any application that could assist Forum Participants.

    Personally speaking, the most important security device(s) for motels/hotels is:

    1. Thick work gloves
    2. Fire extinguisher
    3. Smoke evac mask

    Also personally speaking, prudence and prepper skills will keep you out of those petri dishes of germs call ed motels/hotels. Sleep in the car or that roadside picnic table if you've got security situation under control.

    If any social skills, ask our InnKeeper if you can spend a couple of hours in the lobby and in return will help with cleaning up the breakfast area.

    On my person during an evac I always have more than 1 whistle.

    NB: Make sure the motel/hotel is pet friendly !
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