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  1. remnant

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    I feel inclined to prefer a shelter on top of a tree because there are very few dangers that one can encounter if you are prepared well in advance. I would recommend that one should have a sleeping bag for a start. Then use a sturdy rope to create a web in the canopy and securely fasten the sleeping bag. Cover yourself with a nylon paper attached to the branches to ward off any rain. Then you are safe from wild animals, snakes and human threats as well as flooding. What do you think about such shelters?
  2. Destiny

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    Do you mean like making a hammock between two branches? I don't know about that I wouldn't trust my knots and would probably never fall asleep.
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  3. Corzhens

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    In the probable presence of wild animals, I guess a tree house is one good option to stay safe particularly at night. However, it is a problem if you do not have enough rope since the tree shelter should be doubly secure otherwise it might cause an accident and that would worsen the situation. My best bet is to search for rattan vines that can be cut into strips for tying. In the rural areas here, I have seen a small nipa hut made with rattan strips as the binder, no need for nails. Another point in using rattan is that it should be dried otherwise it might snap or break.

    On the other hand, coming from a modern world, more likely you have plastic bags with you. That can be used in place of the rattan to secure the branches that can serve as flooring of the tree house. It would be great to see the animals below while you are resting atop your tree house.
  4. Keith H.

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    Not a bad idea, but this could also be a trap. If you are spotted, you have no way of escape. I think I will stay on the ground.
  5. franky

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    That's true but only if humans are your enemies. Otherwise, I doubt that there are many animals (at least the big, predator ones) that would climb on top of a tree just to get you. And when it comes to spending a night while surviving in a forest which is full of wild animals some sort of a shelter on a tree is definitely among your best options.
  6. OursIsTheFury

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    Katniss Everdeen did it in the first Hunger Games movie, because there were too many predators on the ground area, she had to hike up every night and go to sleep while tying herself up on the trunk of the tree. It was a pretty brilliant strategy, as not a lot of animals have the ability to climb trees far enough that they could get you, they do not have the complexities of having to coordinate movement from branch to branch, and they are also predators in general, and would rather look for other prey than make the effort of waiting it out while the person on top of the tree would come down for food as well.
  7. lonewolf

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    not in a lightning storm.
  8. joshposh

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    Here are some options for you. They are all made to be hung from a tree, high or low. One of these is actually a dwelling as opposed to a quick set up tent.

  9. acheno84

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    I feel the same. I don't think that I could fall asleep suspended in the air that far off of the ground. Put me about 8 feet, I can handle that, although I hate heights. I would like to be elevated for the simple fact that it keeps you off of the ground so bugs cannot get to you, and you won't have as many issues with the ground dwelling critters either.
  10. carkli23

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    Where you would be safe from predators in the tree, I'm not sure creating such a "web" as you say is very practical. Depending on how the branches are placed on the tree, there may not be good conditions to do so. Also, the amount of rope needed to carry out such a task just wouldn't be reasonable to constantly carry with you. As another user said, Katniss Everdeen did do this by tying ropes around herself/her sleeping bag and sitting up against the tree. This might work, but it might not be super stable or comfortable. You may just be better off creating or finding a good shelter on the ground.
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