Shelter, What Would You Construct & Have You Got The Tools?

Discussion in 'Wilderness' started by Keith H., Jun 11, 2017.

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  1. Keith H.

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    Here is a simple scenario. A world epidemic. Travel is so easy & fast these days that if a serious virus was to hit any population it would be spread world wide in days.
    So, this has happened. To make sure you & perhaps your family survive this epidemic you have decided the best thing to do would be to get out of the general population by going bush & isolating yourselves.
    You travel into a wilderness area that you think suitable, the area has water & cattail plants & plenty of game. What sort of shelter are you going to construct? You may be looking for a cave, but what if there are no caves, what then? You have no idea how long you will be living in this wilderness situation. Wherever you are, there will be dangers you will need to protect yourself from, be it wild animals or feral humans. Having decided on the best shelter to construct, now think about your bug-out bag & see if you have the tools you will need to construct this permanent or semi-permanent shelter. If you do have the tools, what are they?
    Tomahawk at the back under the waist belt. Half-axe secured to the blanket roll.
  2. Tom Williams

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    Axe bow saw hatchet shovel build any type of shelter i need nice pit with low roof would morenlikely be what id make use green cut roof to construct leave dry deadfall and dead standing for fire as gree drys off it will blend into surroundings makeing it hard to spot
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  3. lonewolf

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    depends if its short term or long term, whether we stay or whether we move on again after awhile.
    short term: some form of lean-to, long term: I've always fancied some kind of roundhouse like the old British tribes used to live in with a reed roof. if not that then some sort of dug out arrangement with a low roof.
    got plenty of saws and hand axes and woodworking tools.
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  4. Arkane

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    Tools Axe and spade/shovel woodsaw!

    Stick and mud walls or stone if available, stick mud and brush roof if no tarp or the like available! keeping it as small as practicle but big enough for all!
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