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    There are a lot of ways to reuse and re-purpose items around home:
    • My sister gave me an old toy box. Very nice, with shelving on the back. I turned this into a place to keep my medical, incubating and brooder supplies for my quail.
    • Feeding my quail, I go through lots of feed sacks. I always save the sacks and found a great purpose for them. When I clean their cages, I dry out the manure under a fan for 24 hours, then transfer it to these sacks. Once full, I staple the bag shut and store it. Great for the compost tumbler, garden, or in this packaging, it could even be sold.
    • An old dead deep freeze is a great, waterproof, outdoor container to hold tools and supplies.
    Just a few ideas.
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    The interesting thing is that there is no template when it comes to creativity. Using your imagination, you can turn most erstwhile useless items into useful things. I have seen in a certain country, they convert lorry carriers by compartmental ising them into a mobile house complete with a living room, kitchen and bedroom.
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