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  1. Pragmatist

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    Good afternoon all,

    Per ...

    I'm not sure that leadership in state and local governments encouraged families to be well-informed, have plans,...

    The magnifying glass is still on the leadership of New York City and New York state.

    A one word summary: Scary.

    Some practitioners of preparedness do not allow for the use of "half of plans" as being prepared.

    Evacuation vehicles used for sales calls ?

    I am from a socio-economic / socio-demographic group where children have ALL the material items needed for disaster plans before I even eat or have a beer or even a glass of diluted juice.

    DAV - Disabled American Veterans national vet group has an assistance program for their members. The real problem for the disabled - both veteran and non-vet - is living alone.
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  2. Richard Earley

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    Just my two cents worth..But I am a disabled vet and I have been living alone for many years...My reasoning is I am alone I have only one person to worry about..ME..All the rest of them keep your hands where i can see them..
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  3. Dalewick

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    I'm a disabled vet and know a number of other disabled vets. I'm happily married and always amazed she has put up with me all of these years. LOL! Some of the disabled vets I know are single, either by choice or by being a widower. Some guys like being single. Just a personal preference.

    If the wife goes before me (I doubt that.) I'll be single the rest of my life. By choice.

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  4. Pragmatist

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    Good morning Rich,

    In our closed society of disabled veterans, you're not on the list of "disabled" as to how we're using the term.

    It's the single veteran "shut-in" living alone who requires near daily interface with eg DAV vols to keep them alive.

    Our Virginia governor prohibits programs like DAV support services stopping me - disabled, but mobile still and old - 73 - from helping the DAV program while the mass house arrests still required.

    Those disabled veteran shut-ins did not get deliveries of food by the area "churches" (I call them social clubs) at last weekend's drive-by point of distribution pseudo-program. Only those who drove cars got the free food.
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    1. Dalewick
      I am surprised Virginias citizens haven't hung your new governor , Yet.

      Dalewick, May 1, 2020
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