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Discussion in 'Mental Preparedness' started by Pragmatist, Apr 7, 2020.

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    Good afternoon all,

    Per ...

    The article fits here at mental preparedness than elsewhere I believe.

    Tip 1 is to limit news intake for mental health.

    Prof Garfin makes a good point: local news, the CDC site, OK. Avoid getting saturated with the same story from different sources. This is what causes much stress, especially for those starting-out Preppers.

    Not sure what "mindfulness" means but it sounds good.

    I have a strong sense of meaning and purpose without doing dishes. Sometimes, however, I must. Tranquility, peace, quietness are valuable to me. Unless you live west of French Frigate Shoals, you can hear some stuff going on in the shack.

    Send the online gym classes to Gen Stilwell, FM Slim, Gen Puller. They didn't have web access and still must be kept fit by exercise.
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    It depend a lot on each individual personality (Myers and Briggs descriptor), personality trait, along with so many other factors.
    I myself is an introvert INTJ and being under "quarantine" is a less a mental burden to me than for others. I do however was still recovering from depression & anxiety along with other health problem when this plague went global, and the whole quarantine or legally enforced physical distancing as we call it here is hampering my recovery particularly in the health aspect

    What physical distancing look here (this is only in my city and NOT other cities in the country)

    Shopping mall elevator


    Road blockage

  3. Pragmatist

    Pragmatist Master Survivalist

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    Good morning Varuna,

    Preface: I also am an ENTJ (but extrovert). This attribute allows both of us to handle this specific world event as a matter of routine.

    Do consider researching your depression/anxiety as actually being Togesangst. A more current summary of Freud's works was the 1973 book by Ernst Becker "The Denial of Death". Even the term "end times" was just camouflaged writing for an individual's death. They also added the sedative of "Angel of Death".


    The shopping mall elevator picture is award-winning. We've got the same philosophers-engineers here also. About half of Virginia's population did not get a routine flu shot - no cost to the individual. Virginia is still one of the healthier states.

    "Social distancing" is a good approach to reconfigure national economies. From one perspective it, too, is camouflage. for the reconfigurations.

    It's all about the welfare state and much less about the actual COVID-19.
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