Something I Had Not Thought Of Before!

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    We have probably all thought about the possibility of an asteroid striking the earth, I seem to recall a scientist saying that asteroids pass the earth all the time, but at a distance that is no threat to us. But what if another planet in our solar system were hit by a large asteroid?

    Our planet, Earth, is governed in it's orbit by the planets surrounding us. The moon pulls us & pushes us & effects our ocean tides. But all the surrounding planets have some effect on Earth's orbit. So what would happen if one of these other planets were knocked off course, or worse, destroyed? This would change Earth's orbit, which surely would change our world's weather patterns & climate. How do we prepare for that? Something to think about.

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    Nothing to worry about unless fragments are on a collision course for earth!
    The gravity from the other planets is minor compared to our moon! sure there will be changes but they will be minor and very slow, slow as in thousands of years to change anything!
    Slow enough for evolution to adapt!

    Anything big and powerfull enough to worry about changes will obliterate most life on earth at its start!
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