Something Interesting About Charles Darwin....

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  1. watcherchris

    watcherchris Legendary Survivalist

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    We are being gaslighted about Charles Darwin and evolution...

    Here is a heads up and one for which I don't think the PC evolution crowd wants us to know....

    Charles Darwin is known in particular for his work often titled "The Origin of Species."

    And when you go to school ...this is what you learn for the title...and the rest is mostly avoided....


    Here is the full title of his book...and one for which I just learned some more obscure reading and came home to look it up on the web...and there it was...

    "The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection or the Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life."

    Not knowing this as the full title makes it very easy for many non believers to gaslight you about Charles Darwin and evolution......

    And now you know the rest of the story....

    Don't let them dumb you down.......

    Ishmaelites run wild and working hard to put and keep the rest of us in perpetual bondage and often by continued gaslighting....

    Now that you know this history your own leadership for signs of evolution !!!!

    No I mean for signs of Ishmaelite...

    LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!

    My non Ishmaelite .02,

  2. watcherchris

    watcherchris Legendary Survivalist

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    Amazing what you learn bit by bit by bit when you read off the beaten path....

    Not an Ishmaelite.
  3. Dalewick

    Dalewick Master Survivalist

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    I am more of a proponent of Alfred R. Wallace's theory of evolution. Mostly due to Wallace's conclusions on the human soul.

    " Nothing in evolution can account for the soul of man. The difference between man and the other animals is unbridgeable. An honest and unswerving scrutiny of nature forces upon the mind this certain truth. that at some period of this earth's history there was an act of creation. a giving to the earth of something which before it had not possessed. and from that gift, the gift of life, has come the infinite and wonderful population of living forms."

    My reasoning behind my belief of Wallace is in the fossil record or more precisely, the lack of fossils in the fossil record.

  4. Old Geezer

    Old Geezer Legendary Survivalist

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    I believe that the soul, that the Realm of the Spirit, and the Will of the Creator utmost, were the origin of evolution. This world is Willed into being. According to today's physics, it was Observed into existence. Matter is just stable energy and just what exactly is "energy"?! We are Will made manifest.

    When one existentially dissects matter, matter doesn't matter.

    The string theorists would back me up on this one. They would also agree that we live in a multidimensional universe -- we cannot perceive the dimensions that give rise to the origins of this seemingly solid place.

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  5. lonewolf

    lonewolf Legendary Survivalist Staff Member

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    I am an evolutionist not a creationist, as a Pagan I dont believe in traditional religion and I dont believe in souls either, has anyone ever seen one? just something else to scare the peasants with.
    one can have morals one abides by without being religious.
    that is my personal opinion anyway.
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    1. Dalewick
      There was a medical study many years ago (Yes it was super creepy in aspect) that researched death. I think it was in the 1950's. Sorry I don't have better specifics. During the study one of the focuses was physical changes at the moment of death. It was reported that at the exact moment of brain death that the body loses urine and feces (already known) but there is also an unknown small weight loss (ounces). The small weight loss could not be explained medically. I made my own conclusions. I believe making your own decision is a basic right.

      Dalewick, Mar 6, 2021
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  6. Pragmatist

    Pragmatist Master Survivalist

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    It's not on the web but I do believe the author of "The Closing of the American Mind" (Allen Bloom) also wrote something with a theme like Darwin's.

    Lonewolf, Agree with the soul view. I did have an experience with the word.

    Some time ago, driving in North Carolina, I saw a sign with arrow to "Soul City".
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  7. Rebecca

    Rebecca Master Survivalist

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    I am going to throw the cat amongst the pigeons here.
    I won't go into what I believe, its complicated and no one cares.
    But since this has drifted into the realm of souls. Those I do believe in. And I believe that animals, also have souls. You can yell at me all you like, kindly direct half the yelling at Pope Francis, and Pope Paul IV before him.
    There was a great deal of back and forth about what was or was not said and meant between 2012 and 2014 but all seems to have been clarified for now.
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