SOS Could Save Your Soul and is Known around the Globe

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    Survival situations bring out the primitive instincts within us. The natural alarms and intuitions our bodies have entwined within our beings but are often hidden from our very knowledge due to submission into societies roles. Many lack the knowledge of survival and would curl up along the coastline waving down ships that do not take notice of a jumping flea and probably end up getting eaten by sea lions claiming the beach front for mating season. Though many would be out of luck in a castaway situation, there are some universal SOS signals everyone should know. Phones, GPS's, and technology is always a great ally when in such situations yet the battery life drains and then its dead weight. So you will be left with using visual signals. You are left with what's around you. You can use fire/smoke, a mirror signal, flares as well as flashlights to alarm others of your whereabouts.
    SOS (Save Our Souls) is known around the world as a universal distress signal. The SOS signal can be transmitted by visual or audio means. The code for SOS is three short, three long and three short signals. Use this if you have a radio you can call for help on. The most recognized signal you could use is fire. Try to build three fires in a straight line or triangular position. Be sure there is some distance between the fires. Three fires burning is an internationally recognized distress signal. During the day smoke signals can be seen for miles and the darker the smoke, the better. You can use flashlights just the same by using SOS visual method. Flash the light and it might save your life. If your flashlight dies find any shiny object you can find and do the same. This is known as the mirror signals. Using sunlight to reflect a beam of light off the shiny object and you are sure to be noticed in no time. Keep the SOS signal in the back of your head when you go out in the wild and it very well might save your life!
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